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Sips Elixirs (GHESIPS)

We created Rogue Raw to tap into the often unrepresented market of healthy edibles. Seeing a need for products marketed to people with dietary restrictions or who don’t necessarily want to consume their cannabis via a candy product, we set out to make a different type of edible. Oregon recreational edible limits being set at 50 mg of THC was very limiting to many people who relied on higher mg content to feel the effects they were searching for, so we knew a tincture product, with its higher mg limitations, was a great delivery method for our product. Sips was born, tapping into both the “lean” culture of people who are sipping to get as high as possible, and the health conscious cannabis consumer, who appreciates the product being sugar free, free of artificial flavorings and colors, and the enhanced bioavailabilty of the product. Our advanced proprietary delivery method means that mg for mg, consumers will feel the effects of Sips sooner, experience the high for longer, and they will feel stronger than other edible products. We formulated our recipe to be consumable as both a drink mixer- or syrup, or taken straight like a tincture.
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year